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Nellcor® Oximax® N-65 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
Product Description

This portable oximeter is effective with a broad range of patients, standing up to difficult monitoring conditions such as low perfusion and signal interference, including motion, that can hamper other handhelds. The small and lightweight OxiMax® N-65 handheld pulse oximeter is convinient for continuous monitoring or spot checks in physician offices or clinics, EMS/transport or in acute care settings. Its ergonomic shape and simple keypad make it easy to handle and operate. Wherever you need accurate, reliable SpO2 measurements, count on OxiMax® N-65 handheld pulse oximeter to meet the challenge.

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  • The OxiMax® offers accurate and reliable performance in monitoring conditions of low perfusion and signal reference
  • Compatible with complete line of OxiMax® sensors
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Bright blue, backlit display is easy to see, day and night
  • Long battery life: 19 or 40 hours depending on battery type