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digiCAP DC8x
Product Description

Digicare brings a new dimension to handheld capnography with the new generation hand held capnography and pulse oximetry monitor digiCAP DC8x. The digiCAP DC8x has an easy to use Touchscreen, several screen configurations, world class capnography technology and digital pulse oximetry. It also includes a suction mount support to attach to flat surfaces.

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Features and Benefits
  • Digicare's new generation handheld capnography and pulse oximetry
  • Option for main-stream and/or side-stream world class Philips®/Respironics® capnography technology
  • Digicare™ digital pulse oximetry with a full line of digital SpO2 sensors
  • Easy to use touchscreen operation
  • Several screen configurations available
  • On screen trends
  • Bright 3.5" Color TFT display
  • Lightweight with a very portable design
  • External Side-Stream Capnography Module MicroFlow™ or Main-Stream Capnography Module MainFlow™
  • SpO2 Lingual Probe
  • AC charger and power cord