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Hand Held Pocket Signs PS8x
Product Description

The Hand Held Multi-parameter monitor Pocket Signs PS8x is a new addition to Digicare's line of hand held monitors. The PS8x has outstanding performance, and comes equiped with a Digital SpO2, or the optional Nelcor SpO2 and the optional 3-Lead ECG.

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Features and Benefits
  • Spot Check Mode
    • Auto-standby and power off during the idle status
    • Auto-increase the patient's IDs
    • Non-alarm setting for "sensor off" occasion
    • Continuous Monitoring Mode
      • Regular alarm handling
      • Enable to input patient ID manually
      • View SpO2 waveform
  • SpO2 Sensor
  • ECG cable and 3 Lead Snap Ins
  • Set of smooth clips with button adapters
  • 3AA Batteries (Optional LiIon Battery and Charger)
  • Optional Silicone Protector