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LifeWindow 9x
Product Description

The LifeWindow™ 9x is the first vital signs patient monitor with an embedded Windows® Operating System. Most of the other vital signs monitors in the market are still using DOS type for their operating systems. What that means to you, the Practitioner? Means that your LifeWindow™ 9x can store up to 72 hours of data for approximately 500 patients on a non-volatile flash drive. It has a well-known Windows® user interface for easy of use and a vast arsenal of networking features like printing, patient vital signs collection and management, direct data transfer to your practice’s management software, remote viewing and control of the monitor over your private network or the Internet. The monitor has a standard Ethernet port for hardwired networks or an optional wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11. The LifeWindow™ 9x is available in several configurations with 15 different options for vital signs monitoring. Any configuration can easily be upgraded to include any of all other available vital signs. By use of remote viewing software, the LifeWindow 9x monitoring screen can be accessed from anywhere in the hospital and away using Computers, PDAs and Smart Cellular Phones like the Apple® iPhone® or any other smart phone running Windows® Mobile®.

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  • High Definition 12.1” TFT screen
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Wired or Wireless Network connection
  • PDF printing
  • Several options for hardcopy printing including a built in strip chart or any windows compatible printer connected either directly to the monitor or through the network
  • Only world class Vital Signs Modules are integrated
  • Patients from Neonates to Adults
  • Optional Nellcor® Oximax® pulse oximetry
  • Optional Masimo® SET® Rainbow® pulse oximetry
  • Upgradable to include all Masimo® SET® Rainbow® CO-Oximetry measurements like SpHb®, SpCO®, SpMet®, SpOC®, PVI® and RRa® (with Masimo® SET® Rainbow® pulse oximetry ONLY)
  • Waveforms sweep speeds from 6.25mm/s up to 50mm/s
  • Several Options of Capnography including a non occluding low flow side-stream Module
  • Automatic Arrhythmia detection and ST segment elevation and depression measurement
  • Capable of displaying up to 6 simultaneous ECG leads on the screen
  • Rugged high impact aluminum case increases reliability and reduces EMI susceptibility
  • Remote viewing and control of the monitor using Computers, PDAs and Smart Cell phones like the Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile phones
  • Designed and Made in the USA
  • ECG patient cable
  • Set of ECG leads
  • SpO2 Patient Cable
  • SpO2 Finger Probe
  • NIBP Hose
  • Large Reusable Adult NIBP Cuff
  • Temperature rectal/esophageal probe – reusable
  • Power cord
  • Owners Manual