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Digicare Biomedical Technology Inc., with over twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing vital signs monitors, has created a line of vital sign monitors, which range from single parameter monitors to sophisticated multi-parameter monitors.

The LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitor series offer the best surgical monitors available. It provides the clinician with connectivity, expandability and functionality like no other monitor delivers. With the introduction of the LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitors, Digicare has become the first vital signs monitor manufacturer to introduce a line of fully integrated Internet network ready multi-parameter monitors in the United States.

The easy wireless connectivity of the LifeWindow™ multi-parameter monitors to existing networks, offers countless possibilities for remote access of patient data. Once the unit is connected to an Internet network, the monitor screen and patient data are accessible by the clinitian remotely. All the patient data is easily forwarded and remotely printed to specialists for diagnostic interpretation. The touch screen feature, along with the power of the LifeWindow® multi-parameter monitors provides the practitioner with unprecedented intuitive operation, along with real time integrated patient clinical data, and report generation. All this at an affordable price.

We are committed to providing the clinician with the most updated vital signs monitoring available. The Digicare products are designed for monitoring ECG, Pulse Oximetry (SpO2), up to four Invasive Pressures, Capnography (CO2), Temperature, Inspired Fraction of Oxygen (FiO2), Non Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP), Anesthetic Agent Detection (LifeWindow™6000), Cardiac Output, Hemodynamic parameters and Respiration Pressure. These physiologic parameters are available in stand-alone monitors or in multiparameter configurations. This monitoring has demonstrated great efficacy in patients during anesthesia, post-anesthesia recovery, and Intensive Care. The blood gas content (O2 and CO2) analysis in real time provided by non-invasive monitoring techniques guarantees a continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition rather than periodic invasive samples provided by laboratory analysis. The LifeWindow®6000 with anesthetic gas monitoring continuously samples and measures inspired and expired (end-tidal) concentrations of respiratory and anesthetic gases during and immediately following anesthetic administration. An overdose of anesthetic agent and/or too little oxygen can lead to brain damage and death, while too little agent will result in insufficient anesthesia. During general anesthesia, the patient’s physiologic status must be continuously assessed with trends and sudden changes quickly identified. Gas monitoring provides the anesthetist with information about the patient’s physiologic status, verifies that the appropriate levels of delivered gases are being administered, and warns of equipment failure or abnormalities in the gas delivery system. The LifeWindow®6000 will display inspired/expired gas concentrations and sound alarms to alert clinical personnel when the concentrations of measured gases and the physiologic parameters fall outside set limits.

Digicare Biomedical Technology, Inc. is headquartered in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida, USA where we coordinate worldwide sales and marketing, engineering, research and development, in addition to manufacturing. A distribution network allows Digicare to provide its users the best-cost performance ratios associated with lifetime technical support. Our engineers and technicians continuously expand our technology, developing new devices and enhancing the performance of existing devices. Our quality systems are based on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices/US Food & Drug Administration “FDA”) and ISO9001 (Institute for Standardization Organization) series of quality assurance systems. Our mission is to provide the world’s health care community with high quality and high tech medical devices, at an affordable cost.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 November 2011 18:43